It is possible that an XML operation could take too long and timeout the connection.


One possible area of timeouts would be the GetBroadcastsStats function for a very large broadcast.  We recently did some performance testing against a larger account with several fairly large broadcasts.  Here are the results of those tests:


GetBroadcastsStats Timing Results
Broadcast # # of Recipients Time
19071 15,637 0:15
28017 97,049 1:17
45914 123,092 1:41
80594 151,754 2:04


These were tested using a PHP script on a server not on the same network as the XML server infrastructure.

The PHP test script uses curl to connect to the XML server.

If you are getting timeouts:

1)  Check network latency between the machine you are running your requests from and the XML server.

2)  Check to make sure your XML is correct.  Even if it's incorrect, though, send it to support because the API should recover gracefully from bad XML.

3)  Check to make sure the method of connection is okay (e.g. curl, .Net).  Make sure you can connect to other URLs using the same method.

4)  If you are still receiving timeouts, please contact support and foward the XML requests you are making, and the primary email address for the account you are trying to use.