Private Label Links

You can setup your private label links by going to Settings > Account > Settings.

By default, when you send an email out, links are sent through the domain

Using your own private domain,, you can private label these links. Meaning, all links sent through your GreenRope account will not have the GreenRope name associated with them.

IMPORTANT: You will need to update your DNS first so that the has a "CNAME" record pointing to

This is usually done with your domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy, NetSol, etc).

It is important that once you set up these links, that you also update any other external domains, such as your website tracking javascript and subscription forms.

Once you enter a domain here, we will automatically create an SSL certificate for you within 24 hours. Note that many of the tracking and payment functions built into the CRM require this SSL certificate to be in place, so until the SSL certificate is created, some functions may not work as expected.