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Restore the Shore This Month

Are you looking for a fresh start this new year? Join ILACSD and California State Parks to help protect and preserve the threatened Western Snowy Plover’s habitat at Silver Strand State Beach! Volunteers will help remove non-native plants, place fencing and signs around designated nesting areas, and remove debris and litter surrounding the area. 

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» Recycle Your Christmas Tree
» New Year's Resolutions for 2017
» Volunteer Spotlight
» Think Blue Brigade Spotlight
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Recycle Your Christmas Tree 

Still enjoying your Christmas tree (or avoiding taking it down!?)? When you're ready, recycle responsibly! Recycling your Christmas tree gives it new life as compost, mulch, or woodchips and eliminates the presence of trees in our landfills. Luckily, it's easy to recycle your tree! There are many drop-off locations throughout the San Diego region and many waste haulers that'll pick up trees curbside if they fit into a yard waste bin. If you have any questions about recycling a tree in your area, check out

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New Year's Resolutions for 2017!

The start of the new year gives us a chance to evaluate what's important in our lives and make new goals. Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint and living a more sustainable life? Start your zero waste journey in 2017! Read the latest blog for ideas to get you started or join us for a free Zero Waste Workshop this month.

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Volunteer Spotlight

This month, we're highlighting an amazing group of young ladies, Girl Scout Troop #1165! As Daisies in 2013, the ten girls started their quest to “Make the World A Better Place” by getting involved in various volunteer opportunities, like beach cleanups through our Adopt-A-Beach program. Through their first cleanup at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, they learned about the harmful effects of trash on our ecosystems by diligently tracking the items they found. The troop has been active in the program since early 2015 and adopted Moonlight Beach as their site. Recently, the troop’s group name was placed on the sign at Moonlight Beach, a small token of appreciation for their hard work! The girls are looking forward to participating for the first time at the 15th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup on April 22nd, where they'll combine their community service outreach project with the celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouts in San Diego. We are so thankful to have such an enthusiastic group involved in our organization and programs!

Girl Scout Troop #1165 truly embodies their mission to make the world a better place, starting in San Diego. 

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Think Blue Brigae Bolus Dissection (19)

Think Blue Brigade Spotlight

Thanks to support from the City of San Diego, ILACSD educators host the Think Blue Brigade, a club of eco-conscious high school students who meet monthly to explore environmental issues. One focus of the group is storm water pollution prevention. In December, TBB members dissected albatross boluses, pellets of non-digestible food regurgitated by the sea birds. Though albatross reside at Midway Atoll, a wildlife refuge, they are regularly exposed to trash from the Pacific Garbage Patch. While hunting, albatross accidentally ingest trash, some of which is dispelled from their bodies within a bolus. Upon dissecting the boluses, TBB members found fishing line, candy wrappers, bottle caps, various plastic fragments, and some natural items. TBB members utilized the bolus debris to create an image of an albatross, using art to inspire others to protect our marine life. If you're interested in joining the Think Blue Brigade, email Becca at

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Imperial Beach Community Cleanup
Monday, 10am-12pm
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Restore the Shore: Silver Strand
Saturday, 9am-12pm 
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Clean Parks - Larsen Field Kickoff
Saturday, 9am-12pm 
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Zero Waste 101: Home
Saturday, 10am-12pm
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Donor Spotlight!


Thanks to Lowes for supporting our programs to keep San Diego clean! Through the Lowes Keep America Beautiful grant, we received essential funding to expand our Adopt-A-Beach/ Adopt-A-Canyon program into San Ysidro. Join us for our kickoff event at Larsen Field on January 28th.

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did you know

Did You Know?

Plankton are characterized as "drifters", which means they cannot swim against the currents. In their larval stage, many marine organisms are considered plankton. Octopi, crabs, sea stars, and barnacles are just a few examples of animals that begin their life as tiny drifters. 

These tiny drifters are starting to preferentially eat microplastics in the ocean. As we teach students of San Diego County, these plastics move up the food chain to negatively affect top predators. 



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