PL Promise Term life insurance just got more competitive. Check out our new premiums and learn more about PL Smooth Sailing, Pacific Life’s answer to fluidless underwriting.
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More Competitive Pricing for Older Ages.

Plus Fluidless Underwriting!

We’ve repriced PL Promise Term Life Insurance1 to ensure you have pricing and underwriting advantages for clients ages 50-69 to maximize the number who may qualify for PL Smooth Sailing, Pacific Life’s answer to fluidless underwriting.

MALE   |   Age 55, Preferred Best No Nicotine Use, $250K, 30 Yr Term2
Compare Annual Premium Annual Rank Monthly Premium Monthly Rank
Pacific Life PL Promise Term 30 $1544 2 $131 2
American General Select-a-Term - 30 Year $1544 3 $134 3
Banner OPTerm 30 $1438 1 $124 1
Lincoln LifeElement® Level Term 30 $2315 10 $203 10
NACOLAH ADDvantage 30 $1555 5 $137 5
Principal 30-Year Term $1553 4 $136 4
Protective Custom Choice UL - 30 Year No Lapse $1595 7 $137 6
Prudential Term Essential 30 $1593 6 $139 7
Transamerica Trendsetter Super 30 $1813 9 $156 8
United of Omaha Term Life Answers 30 $1788 8 $156 9
FEMALE   |   Age 65, Select No Nicotine Use, $500K, 10 Yr Term2
Compare Annual Premium Annual Rank Monthly Premium Monthly Rank
Pacific Life PL Promise Term 30 $2314 3 $197 1
American General Select-a-Term - 10 Year $2309 1 $200 3
Banner OPTerm 10 $3230 10 $278 10
John Hancock Term 17 $2310 2 $197 2
Lincoln LifeElement® Level Term 10 $2549 6 $223 6
NACOLAH ADDvantage 10 $2675 9 $235 9
Principal 10-Year Term $2425 5 $212 5
Protective Classic Choice Term 10 $2625 7 $226 7
Prudential Term Essential 10 $2650 8 $232 8
SBLI T-10/10 - 10 Year Term $2420 4 $211 4
CheckmarkNavy_70x70.png No paramed exam for qualifying applicants ages 50 – 69 up to $500K with electronic ticket and comprehensive physical and blood work from primary physician within the last 18 months! Download PL Smooth Sailing brochure to see qualification requirements.
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1 PL Smooth Sailing is available with PL PROMISE TERM Level Premium Term Life Insurance. Policy Form #P16LYT or ICC16 P16LYT and S16LYT 10, S16LYT 15, S16LYT 20, S16LYT 25, or S16LYT 30, based on level premium period chosen and state of policy issue. The total amount of life insurance coverage applied for and inforce with Pacific Life may not exceed $500,000.

2 Competitive Positioning as of 3/12/18 CompuLife: American General Life Insurance Company Select-a-Term (ICC16-16901), Banner Life Insurance Company OPTerm (ICC120PTN), John Hancock Insurance Company Term 17 (2017TERM), Lincoln National Corporation LifeElements (TRM6063), United of Omaha Life Insurance Company Term Life Answers (6182L-0696), North American Company for Life and Health Insurance ADDvantage (LS174), Principal Financial Services, Inc. Term (ICC13 SN/SN 89), Protective Life Corporation Classic Choice Term and Protective Custom Choice UL (ICC12-UL22), (ICC16-TL21), Prudential Insurance Company of America Term Essential (ICC16 PLTIC-2016), The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI) Level Term (ICC16-P-LT), Transamerica Life Insurance Company Trendsetter Super (ICC16 TL24).

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