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  Goldwater Newsletter-GEM Blog  |  June 2016    


 Independence Day – New Meaning for Sustainability


Final Logo.pngby Teresa Lopez, CEO Green Energy Money, June 2016 


The Importance of Achieving Energy & Financial Interdependence in America 

 America’s fight for independence and freedom from oppression has long been our greatest legacy.   In order to continue our heritage, we should also consider sustainability as a critical path to achieving our independence as well as our financial and economic interdependence.  

The importance of sustainability and the continued evolution of our planet continues to be a polarized social and economic challenge. The coined phrase, we must adapt or die, couldn’t be a more appropriate statement than it is today.  According to a United Kingdom website resource:  One of the key concepts of sustainable development is the interdependence of societyeconomyand the natural environment.  

Written over two decades ago and introduced at the UIA/AIA World Congress of Architects in Chicago, June 1993, the Declaration of Interdependence for a Sustainable Future was memorialized.  The document was created to dutifully describe the principles necessary to incorporate global, sustainable economic and environmental policies.  Still if we consider the timeline of over 20 years later, could we have achieved more to protect our resources and effect change in environmental policies?  

Clean water, air, food and resources to provide shelter and support life represent the earth-human sustainability experience; but social behavior and culture is the driver of adoption.  Much like the cell phone, internet and other 21st Century technological advancement, mass consumption and adaption always wins.  But wouldn’t it be a grand accomplishment for human’s to create sustainable models that can endure for generations to come? As history dictates, It remains to be seen as to what legacy our great, great grandchildren will inherit and endure from our generation’s actions and choices.  We can only hope we’ll strike the fine balance of an interdependent sustainable existence.    


The following excerpts are taken from Green Energy Money’s Book available online. 

The Solution Is Possible! 

America’s energy consumption can be drastically slashed if most homes and commercial buildings are upgraded to achieve higher building performance.  Reducing energy consumption by upgrading buildings can result in lower payments and provide financial security from rising utility costs. This should be an important consideration for consumers.  

Everything needed to solve this problem is already at hand.   There is no need to wait for new technological breakthroughs.   America has the applied and clean technology, building materials, tax initiatives, green building science know-how, trained and deployed a skilled and ready workforce—everything owners need to make their buildings more energy-efficient.  


Steps can now be taken to dramatically improve building performance with a far reaching impact

  • America could reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.   Energy costs would stabilize and infrastructure costs may even drop.   Nuclear power plant construction would not be needed. 

  • Government could stop spending billions of tax dollars to subsidize high energy costs.  Jobs would be created in green construction, manufacturing, product sales, lending, technology, and other sectors.    Property values and declining real estate markets could be dramatically improved.

  • Renovation of antiquated building stock would greatly improve the chances of energy reduction goals and reduce deferred maintenance costs and risk.  Environmental benefits would lead to a healthier, more sustainable existence. Economic recovery would happen more quickly.



Interest Rates – Trends – Mortgage Market Update

In the past, economic forecasts could accurately predict mortgage rate trends; especially in election years.  In today’s interconnected global economy it’s a much different story and experience.  So many factors play a role in our current economy that even top economists are stumped! 

For the average homeowner or consumer trying to buy or refinance, it can be confusing, and at times, a double edged sword.    There are many choices in shopping interest rates and mortgage companies, which can be confusing.  Consumers are also expected to be more pro-active in deciding interest rate lock periods and loan programs.   If you lock your rate and rates drop, you are stuck with a potentially higher payment; if you float the rate and rates go up temporarily, it could cost more over time.  What to do?   Seriously, the differential in .125% on loan payments when rates are in the 3%-4% range, is not something homeowners should stress over. 

It’s important to note that in past economic growth eras interest rates ranged between 6.5%-8%.  In recent bad economic eras we have experienced either dramatically low interest rates (2009-2016)  or double digit interest rates (1978-1985).  During these eras interest rates varied dramatically; they also all experienced an inverted index where short term rates (Treasury Bills or T-Bills) are similar or even with long term rates.  In a healthy economy we should see a good margin of at least 2-3% between short and long term rates.      




Sustainability & Happiness :  

Six Steps to Achieve a Sustainable, Interdependent and Happy Life

Sustainability comes in many forms.  It incorporates whole thought and system processes that allows humans to compare, experiment and evolve.  Most humans are naturally curious and consistently seeking happiness and new ways to fulfill themselves.

 In a world where our true nature is often silenced by the many distractions our technical world has created, the happiness factor plays an important role in the quality of life.  Here are some tips to help balance our innate ability to sustain happiness and our interdependent nature.

Read Tips for a Happy Life






Tips for A Sustainable, Green Fourth of July2016_07_01_05_13_334.jpg (copy) (copy)

Inhabitat, Repost Blog July 20

Although the 4th of July is a wonderful time to celebrate our freedom with friends and family, with all the cups, utensils and fireworks we end up using, it's also one of our most wasteful holidays! So this year, why not take advantage of our 6 ideas that will help you green-up your festivities without sacrificing an ounce of fun. In fact, it might surprise you to find that following our tips could actually increase the fun quotient while sparing the planet at the same time.  Read Six Tips






"GEM": The Word on the Street

Book Cover


The Green Energy Money financial tools and valuation methods add tremendous value to our HERS Index and building performance analytic certifications. We are motivated to support GEM in their development of economic solutions to provide ‘true’ cost benefits to building owners across the country.  Now our energy rating and building science industry finally has a way to provide the financial markets with the ability to quantify their risk and financially reward building owners with incentivized high-performance building loans and appraisals necessary for mass market adoption. 

— Steve Baden, Executive Director, RESNET



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