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Every business wants to scale and become more profitable. But few take the time to audit their processes and create systems to ensure long-term scalability.

Successful organizations understand the value of business operating systems (BOS) and how they drive growth. A BOS is a set of protocols that establish consistency in managing every department, which ultimately determines a company’s success.



How Customer Centric Are you?


In conclusion, being customer-centric is critical for business health in today’s competitive environment. By prioritizing the needs and wants of customers, businesses can build loyalty, drive innovation, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance employee engagement. So if businesses haven’t already shifted to a customer-centric approach, now is the time to start.



Strategies for Winning March Madness and in Business in 2023

March Madness lessons apply to the business world in many ways. In the past businesses that I have owned, including the one I own today, Business Health Matters, all 10 of these lessons apply to the businesses world.

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