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CCHI’s Comprehensive Approach to
Mitigating the Pandemic’s Impact on
CCHI Candidates and Certificants

May 20, 2020
Washington, DC
Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

Over the past two months, CCHI, as every organization, has been grappling with the multi-layered impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our lives. Our main priority is supporting our certificants and candidates in upholding the national certification standards. We believe that certified interpreters provide an essential service. Ensuring quality of interpreting services remains crucial during the pandemic. The Commissioners deeply value the principles of fairness and inclusiveness and balance them with the commitment to the best testing practices and accreditation standards. While we cannot lower our standards, we are dedicated to making procedural adjustments that alleviate some of the burden for our candidates and certificants during these unprecedented times.

Our first step to help our candidates was to launch the online, at-home testing of the CoreCHI™ “written” exam (

Today, the CCHI Commissioners announce two new initiatives to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on our certificants and candidates.

1. CCHI temporarily reduces by 20% the certification renewal fee, for the duration of the pandemic. The new renewal fee is $240 (instead of $300). This decision is retroactive as of March 1, 2020, i.e. the reduction is applicable to all those certificants who paid the renewal fee on and after 03/01/20. We will refund the difference within the next four weeks. (More info at All certificants submitting their renewal applications now will see and pay the reduced fee as part of the regular process.

2. In view of the limitations imposed by complying with the testing center safety procedures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commissioners implement temporary issuance of the Provisional CoreCHI™ Certificate to qualified CHI™ candidates of Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish.

This is a temporary change to the CHI™ certification policy; this is not a new credential. The CoreCHI™ certification has been a stand-alone certification, accredited by NCCA since 2014. The CoreCHI™ certification was not available to interpreters of Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish because these interpreters have to take and pass the oral performance exam in addition to the written knowledge exam. As of May 20, 2020, the Provisional CoreCHI™ Certificate (not language-specific) will be issued to those CHI™ candidates of Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish who:

  • passed the CoreCHI™ exam on and after June 15, 2019, and
  • have not taken the CHI™ exam as of 05/20/20.

Until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic (as determined by the federal government or re-opening of CHI™ test centers in all locations in the U.S. without any restrictions), this Provisional CoreCHI™ certification status will be considered the highest available to interpreters of Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. (See full details at

We encourage each CHI™ candidate to evaluate their personal situation and make a responsible decision. The CHI™ testing will still take place during the scheduled testing windows (July 14 – Aug 11 and Oct 6 – Nov 3, 2020) in all locations in accordance with the state and local regulations (for current list of open test centers, click here). Qualified candidates can schedule their appointments for these testing windows at any time.

At the same time, we recognize that for many interpreters, during the rest of this year and possibly until the spring of 2021, the safest available option to confirm their qualifications will be taking a CoreCHI™ certification exam online, at-home, and receiving the Provisional CoreCHI™ Certificate. CCHI supports you in any decision you choose.

We thank you for your service, loyalty to CCHI, and dedication to the highest standards of the healthcare interpreting profession!

CCHI Commissioners


P.S. Don't forget that CCHI is currently accepting applications for the CoreCHI™ Scholarship! The Spring 2020 Scholarship is sponsored by ALTA. For details, see "Discover HCI Scholarship 2020."

Stay informed by visiting our webpages dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic and Remote Interpreting. We update them regularly:

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