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How To Create  
Client Journey Maps!

Online 1-on-1
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        margie hanson  


When Does Your Client Begin
The Buying Process?

When Should Your Clients 
Know You & Your Business Exist?

Do You Know The Answers
To The Above Questions?

Is it when they land on your website?
Is it when they walk into your store?

Believe it or not,
The Client Journey begins before there is any
 active or hint of a need for what you offer.

And this is also when the 1st steps of
 marketing activities must begin. 

Pre-Need is when you begin to  

"LEAD" Your Buyers To You ....
continuing all the way
to purchase & post-purchase.

How do you do that?
When? Where? What? Who?
First,  you must have an understanding of:
Who your buyers are, 
  Why they come to you, 
 How they come to you

What are their demographics? 
What triggers the need for your offers? 
What are they looking for, really?
How do they communicate? 

Second, you must interact appropriately
at the various stages of buying so that you
continually "LEAD" buyers to you.



Mapping out these steps and identifying
effective engagement for each step
is the name of the game. 

Take a very important 1st step for
for being in charge of your
online activity & results!

Learn How To
Create a Client Journey Map!

Clarify & take control of your
online messaging & content!

A client journey map lays out your client's
journey from pre-need to post- purchase and
enables you to see where appropriate types
of marketing engagement will be effective.
You assign content, messaging, resources, and
take control of "leading" your buyers to you!

Schedule this 1-on-1 training with me for
receiving a clear understanding of ..

The Four Major Stages Of A Client's Journey
Attracting, Connecting, Engaging
Conversion into
New, Repeat & Referral Business.


What Mktg Content To Use
Throughout Your Client Journey  Map
For The Needs Of:

B2B, Business To Business
B2C, Business To Consumer
  B2ME, meaning....

Marketing to the "desires" of your buyers.
KEY to the development of your online relations.

Why Your Choice
Of Online Resources Matters!

How, where & when to mix multiple media
channels from online and offline resources.

Which Paths Are Most Effective.
Which Paths Are Most Profitable.

What You Need To Do To
Take Charge Of Your Communications

  In addition to learning all of the above ...
ogether we will put it to work and create 
 a client journey map for one of your 
primary client types 

The training includes two 
1-on-1 private remote sessions 
​​​​​  Phone or Webinar Platform ... 
tailored to your business.

Special covid-19 pricing
remains in effect
while we get back in action.

Call 310-306-1453
to discuss & schedule


Get Started Right Now!
(I will contact you within 1 business day.)

In One Payment

ONLY $297

In Two Payments

$150 ea
(30 days apart)


* * * * ** *
All trainings are given by myself,
margie hanson
Owner of  Communicating, Today's Way, Inc.

Working with me, you will soon discover how I am always making connections ~  putting things, ideas and people together.  This love of  "connecting" was exercised all the time while growing up and in 1978, it led me to a brand new industry ~ telecommunications. 

Telecommunications  provided me with a 20+ year career in corporate voice & data communications sales and marketing with the Golden Ticket being  part of the first sales team for Cisco Systems. These 20+ years in corporate America, selling multi-million dollar networks, taught me that sales is all about "listening" and matching a businesses' needs to my solutions.  First appointments were discovery meetings and actually fun! 

In 2000 I made the decision to venture out on my own and  Today's Way was established initially as a website design firm with a focus on content development and assisting clients with their messaging. The effective messaging of one-on-one emails and newsletters followed with pretty much all major oinline communications including today's world of social networking coming underneath the Today's Way training, coaching & consulting umbrella. 

All the while the focus has been on helping businesses communicate and connect to their buyers.  And this is what I wish to do for you in this training.
What People Say ....
"Margie is a virtual on-line communications expert and is a skilled consulting professional in guiding clients on how to use Social Media to leverage their business. If you want to take your business to next level using Business Social Media venues, contact Margie."
Robert Jacobs - Alternative Business Financing Solutions, When The Bank Has to Say No
"When I started going national with The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, I knew I needed help developing a social media network and strategy. I called Margie and she has been amazing ever since. Her familiarity with the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook have been especially helpful. On top of that, she is an engaging and informative speaker. Her presentations at our chapter meetings are always popular. Thanks, Margie, for making such a big difference in building this organization!"
Camille Lyon
Founder, The Holistic Chambet of Commerce
"Margie is so knowledgeable about Communications in the technology world that it is amazing. She is a jewel when it comes to directing folks as to what may be good for their business means of communicating and how to utilize the methods best. Margie continues to stay abreast of the constant changes that we may overlook and she makes sure you Keep Your Communicating Garden Growing to attract and keep clients."
Suzanne Isabelle Simmons
President at Purr-Fect Growlings


CALL:  310-306-1453 


We make it easy!

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This email was sent by Margie at Today's Way at Playa del Rey, CA 90293.


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This email was sent by Margie at Today's Way at Playa del Rey, CA 90293.

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