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SDSI Joins the World of Podcasts

Lately the word “community” has been popping up more and more at SDSI. If we back track 9 years ago, the membership was essentially an eclectic group of individuals. It’s true, we all shared a little “something” that made us or our Brands edgy or maybe eccentric. The denominator that joined us… love of the San Diego Lifestyle and the business opportunities it created… was yet to be discovered. Under Bill Walton and John Sarkisian’s leadership we found the “it.” Fast forward to today and 100 separate companies have discovered that we are in fact a community. A $3.6 Billion dollar community! We have spoken recently about the members who have stepped up from being a resident in the community to being an active, involved citizen. Awesome.

It’s interesting. I agree we are all social beings and wired to connect. But our differences are substantive when compared to the norm. Our lifestyle activities, beach to desert, and all in between, have put our community on a unique path, with a unique branding attitude, and a necessity to separate from the pack and create our own destiny. Most of us are not doing what Mom hoped for!

Last week at the Eye of the Innovator event at the Belly Up, we had an amazing opportunity to hear from the Founders of Sector 9, prAna, and Hookit. Bill’s intro and Denise Yohn’s moderator skills were a huge “add” to the programming… It was very up close and informative…. inspiring and re-assuring as well. Check out the quotes Denise pulled from the event – some really great advice!

I was struck by the authenticity of the experience as well. I estimated that 1/3 of the attendees were Founders or early players in their Brand. How often have you been anywhere where that was true?

There’s more good news. The Belly Up facility is so “wired” that we were able to capture the presentations in excellent high quality audio. The consequence is 3 new podcasts. Iteration 1 can be found on spotify, Google Play Music, or here for your listening pleasure. We will release one additional podcast per month, here forward.

Thank you to the 130 attendees at the event… to Mike Lawrence at Morgan Stanley and Danny DeMichelle at Elevated Internet Marketing, thanks for your sponsorship and great Leadership… Bill W, Denise, Panelists… BIG Thank You as well!

Hey, listen in!

Free Legal Advice!
SDSI has teamed with the Procopio law firm to provide SDSI members complimentary, monthly access to Sports & Active Lifestyle industry leading lawyers. Ask the Lawyer Office Hours kicks off Thursday, May 16, 1:30-3:00 pm. 30 minute time slots are limited so make your appointment now. Meetings will be held at SDSI headquarters in Solana Beach.

Join SDSI in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic Games – See the Debut of Surf and Skate!
SDSI and FunLy are building a community to head to Tokyo to support the debut of Surf, Skate and Climbing in the 2020 Olympics Games and we are excited for you to join us…after all the only thing better than traveling is traveling with your friends! Think about it, surf, skate, climbing are three of San Diego’s most aspiration sports, the bedrock of the San Diego Lifestyle. Our businesses and industry were built on these sports and now these sports are at a pivotal point in their history. We would be remiss as an industry if we were not there to support our athletes and our sports that have been so good to us here in San Diego. Plus, Fernando Aguerre, president of the ISA and ‘ambassador of the ocean’ has promised us the “Biggest beach party of all time”. We want to see what it’s all about! Full trip details and refundable deposits are now being accepted here. Reserve your spot now for this trip of a lifetime.

One Spot Available for SDSI Master’s Program
Served by the best and most experienced in our mentor pool, SDSI Master's is our highly confidential, executive mentoring program for established businesses looking to amplify growth, pivot or solve complex business issues through sharing experience and skill. This program is completely customized to each business situation.  Whether it's an outsource advisory board or the perspective of a high-level advisor, the top strategic minds from Southern California's SAL industry will work with you to ramp up growth or move past a plateau.  We have one spot open. If you are interested in learning more, contact

SDSI Welcomes New Members: Reef, Boardroom International, and Bottle Rocket Advisors
REEF, the global leader in surf lifestyle sandals and shoes, is headquartered in Carlsbad and is an active brand in the San Diego community. We champion a healthy, active, connected and inclusive lifestyle. We exist to unite the world around the fun, freedom and spirit of the beach. We take pride in design innovation and offering our consumers instant comfort through fit, cushion and quality. Most importantly, we're stoked to continue our membership with SDSI.

Boardroom International: Since 2007 we have produced consumer / trade events in various locations including, San Diego, Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Ventura, Santa Cruz, Orlando Fl. and Tokyo. Our production skills are encompassing from concept germination to activation to hand written thank you cards: brand management, operations, logistics, marketing.

Bottle Rocket Advisors helps companies grow revenue, improve profitability, and scale up. With background in finance, marketing, sales, and strategy, we bring an outsider's broad experience, an insider's operational awareness, and an owner's sense of urgency.

SDSI Welcomes Back Renewing Member Marsh & McLennan
Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) is one of the nation’s leading insurance brokerages, providing comprehensive risk management and employee benefit solutions to organizations of all sizes. Designed to meet the unique needs of growing companies, MMA epitomizes the high-touch service model typical of a local consultant while providing access to the global resources of the world’s leading insurance broker, Marsh. The cornerstone of our business is how we strive to make a difference in the moments that matter for our clients, colleagues, and communities. At our west region headquarters in San Diego, we often combine our passion for service with our enthusiasm for spending time outdoors in our beautiful city. We organize colleague beach cleanups through our Barney & Barney Foundation, partner with local sports nonprofit organizations such as the Miracle League, and challenge and encourage each other through company-wide health and wellness incentive programs.

Qualcomm’s Economic Impact in San Diego
It’s no surprise that Qualcomm is fundamentally important to the business ecosystem of San Diego. The Economic Development Corporation recently conducted a study and found that the economic impact of Qualcomm in 2018 was $4 Billion just here in San Diego! In addition to inventing the technology that we all use daily; Qualcomm is at the top of the totem pole when it comes to philanthropic citizens in our community. Read the full report for a deeper appreciation of this great local economic driver.

San Diego Seals Clinch Home Playoff Game
The San Diego Seals have officially reached the post-season in their first season. The road to the National Lacrosse League Championships starts on May 6th at Pechanga Arena at 7:30 PM with the Western Division Semifinal game. Before the playoffs start, the Seals play Buffalo on Saturday at Pechanga Arena in hopes to clinch the top seed in the West! If you can’t make it to Pechanga Arena for the last regular season home game, you can watch the broadcast on Fox 5. Quite an impressive feat for an expansion team! Keep up to date with the latest news on their website.

Fox 5 News Sports Report Gives Fling Golf a Try
Sports Anchor for Fox 5 News, Tabitha Lipkin, hit the links with SD Seals Lacrosse players to try the fun new sport of Fling Golf live on air. This 5-minute segment covers how to play the game, proper form, and then the group tee's off. View the segment and a few bonus outtakes from her Instagram.

TaylorMade on Tiger Woods’ Masters Win
In case you haven’t heard, there is a pretty big golf tournament (the Masters) and a pretty popular golfer (Tiger Woods) won it. Jokes aside, TaylorMade CEO, David Abeles, talks about the impact of Tiger’s win at the Masters in a skype interview with Yahoo Finance. David discusses increase in web traffic and gets candid about having the freedom and independence from their former parent company (adidas) really enabled TaylorMade to partner with Tiger. Watch the clip on Yahoo Finance, read a similar interview on, and learn more about the P7TW Irons put out by TaylorMade and Tiger Woods… Unsurprisingly, they are currently sold out.

CA Skateparks Builds New Skatepark in Solana Beach Opening Saturday
Solana Beach Skatepark Opening Day is April 27, 2019! With the support of the former mayor Mike Nichols, a skateboarder and competitive skater in his youth, the city learned the value of a skatepark in the community. The addition of local and legendary support by pro skaters such as Tony Hawk, Tom Scharr, Jordyn Barratt certainly helped as well! The skatepark is located within the La Colonia Park, which is already one of San Diego's (unofficial) most iconic skate spots. The City of Solana Beach is proud to work with CA Skateparks to build out the skatepark. Get a sneak peak of the new park and read the latest.

Cirque-It Fitness Adds Key Team Member
Dreya Weber joins the Cirque-It Fitness family as Director of Brand Experience. Dreya has a very relevant background as an aerial choreographer and trainer to the stars! "Studios and personal trainers will now benefit from Dreya's experience to help them differentiate themselves in a competitive boutique fitness market," remarked company founder and CEO, Elizabeth Skwiot. "Clients want not only an elite workout, but a one-of-a-kind experience. Dreya's involvement catapults the power of Cirque-It Fitness to offer both." Read the full press release.

I78 Corridor Features ZOIC and CA Skateparks
“The cities along the 78 Corridor not only promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but we also support innovation. Diverse action sports and lifestyle companies are developing revolutionary products that are transforming the industry and the way we play,” said Christie Marcella, Economic Development Manager for the City of Carlsbad. “This industry also provides a boon to the local economy, as well as jobs and an elevated quality of life for our residents.” Read the full blog post  to see the excerpts highlighting ZOIC and CA Skateparks.

Boardroom International Surfboard Show at Del Mar
Don’t miss The Boardroom International Surfboard Show May 4 and 5 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. This all-encompassing event features parties, music, shaping, glassing, auctions, awards, 6 panel discussions, surfboard swapping, great deals, and of course: surfing! Tickets are only $10 so make sure you get yours today.

Arêt Basewear Rebrands to Têra Kaia
Same great product and team under a new name: Têra Kaia. In addition to Têra being Arêt backwards, “Derived from the Latin root ‘Terr’ meaning Earth, and the Hawaiian word ‘Kai’ meaning Sea, Têra Kaia represents our planet's most fundamental elements. It is a name inspired by the outdoor spaces that breathe life into our existence. The outdoor spaces our basewear is designed to perform at its best.” Read more about the rebrand on their latest blog post.

WearBands Targets DRTV Strategy - You Can Help
Accelerator graduate WearBands™, who is amassing a very enthusiastic group of fitness customers to accompany its growing legions of athletes, has elected to pursue a DRTV (Direct Response Television) campaign to target its fitness market. Fitness continues to be one the most popular DRTV categories, and WearBands™ popularity as an at-home fitness product should position it well for success in this outlet. To learn more about WearBands™ and how you can support their pending DRTV campaign, visit their blog.

ElliptiGO Releases First Stand Up Mountain Bike
This new Mountain Stand Up Bike (MSUB) features 27.5” tires, 100mm front suspension, disc brakes, and retains the comfortable stand up position of its road-suited sibling. “As more riders experience the benefits of stand-up cycling, it’s natural that they want to bring it to more places,” said Bryan Pate, CEO of ElliptiGO. “The MSUB represents our belief that this new category is as versatile as it is enjoyable. We can’t wait to see fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages climb to new heights and reach their goals with the help of this often-requested and much-anticipated addition to our line-up.” Read the full MSUB press release and also learn about the newest ElliptiGO giveaway sweepstakes.

Runners World Recommends Vuori Chase Performance Shorts
Running in the rain? Look no further than Vuori! Contributor Hailey Middlebrook said, “What struck me first about the shorts was their pretty turquoise color (the shorts are also available in black) and unique jersey-like fabric, which felt lighter and more breathable than my standard polyester-blend bottoms. They’re designed with a stretchy elastic waistband, similar to boxer briefs, that fit me like a glove without digging into my skin or slipping down during my run. I also loved the sleek and subtle front zipper pocket that kept my car key and ID secure without too much bouncing. While running, I never felt the bikini liner or waistband rub my skin or ride up, and they kept me cool throughout a four-mile tempo—what more could you want?” read the full Runners World review.

Exchange Collective Adds Sector 9 to Their Roster
Local skateboard company, Sector 9, announced that they have joined SDSI advisory board member Exchange Collective in order to give retailers a “new way to sell skateboards In-store and Online” Read the full press release at Shop-Eat-Surf.

Orucase Receives Prestigious Best of Sea Otter Award
Current SDSI Accelerator company, Orucase, recently won Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for Best of Sea Otter 2019 for their B2! Congrats to Orucase on this award and the success that comes along with it. For more info on how this bicycle bag avoids costly airline bike fees, take a look at gear patrol’s product review. Offers 1 Year of Free Premium Access to SDSI Community, the professional for lifestyle-driven industries, and long-time supporter of the SDSI community is offering you a year of free premium access to the site. A few key features of premium access include searching for people without any filter restrictions, very useful if you’re looking for a full-time or freelance hire to help grow your business. Along with that it gives you ability to message anyone on the platform, great visibility, insights to job postings if you’re searching for something new, and a lot more. Sign up here and get in touch with Chad ( to get dialed in on premium access.

TurningPoint Exec What Employees Really Want
In a tight labor market like ours, employers are looking for the juiciest carrots to dangle in front of potential candidates. But are you using the right bait? There was a time when salary was the deciding factor when a candidate was entertaining multiple offers. Today, however, they won’t even consider an offer if it isn’t at least 15% above their current salary. A robust benefits plan is the second course served to a potential hire. Flexible spending accounts, access to PPOs, vision coverage, and all-inclusive dental plans (even coverage for those dreaded braces!) were a hot commodity. Now? If you’re not planning to cover contact lenses and Sally’s four phases of orthodontics, expander included… don’t bother. These are no longer the gold standard. They are simply standard.
So what’s an employer supposed to do to attract top talent and lure star players from the competition? Give the people what they want…it's all about ongoing communication regarding where they stand in the business, how they are making an impact and what their "career path" looks like. For more information on how to create a compelling position and offer, contact Ken C. Schmitt, CEO/Founder of TurningPoint Executive Search

Open Jobs
Director of Revenue, Orange County (relo available) - Analytics
Director Chemistry Product Management, San Diego – Biotech
Director of Customer Journey/CRM, Orange County (relo available) - Automotive
Director of Advertising & Media, Orange County (relo available) - Automotive
Client Services Manager, San Diego – Home healthcare
Business Development Manager, Los Angeles – Professional Services
Regional Sales Manager, Northeast – Engineering, New England
VP Sales – Professional Services, San Diego

Challenged Athletes Foundation – Special Events Manager, Cycling Program click for info

Counterpace – VP of Marketing click for info

Digital Operative – Multiple positions available click for info

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa - Multiple Positions Available click for info

Hookit – Multiple Positions Available click for info

KPMG - Multiple Positions Available click for info

Procopio – Director of Marketing, click for info

J!NX – Web Designer click for info

soccerloco – Customer Service Agent click for info

May 21 – SDSI Accelerator 15 Minute Panel Presentation #3

May 29 – SDSI Advisory Board Meeting

Jun. 25 – SDSI Accelerator Quick Pitch/Elevator Pitch Presentation

Apr. 27 – Buffalo @ San Diego Seals, San Diego, CA click for info

Apr. 27 – La Colonia Skatepark Grand Opening, Solana Beach, CA click for info

May 4-5 - The Boardroom International Surf Show, Del Mar, CA click for info

May 6 – San Diego Seals Playoff Game, San Diego, CA click for info

Jun. 13-16 – Dew Tour Skateboarding, Long Beach, CA click for info

Jun. 15 – SHACC Ohana Gala, Huntington Beach, CA click for info

Jun. 20 – America’s Finest Corporate Dash – San Diego, CA click for info

Jun. 22 – SlydeFest, San Clemente, CA click for info

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