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Thursday, April 26, 2018 facebook-white twitter-white

“Hey Sonny boy remember when we used to...”
...go to the store! Huh, what, go, as in actually go to a store?

It sounds cruel and disrespectful to our retail partners but everyone now has a pretty firm grip on the reality of the Digital Revolution. I remember that “dot com thing” in the beginning, way back in 90’s, “way back” meaning 20 or 30 years ago. We laughed at it and many ensuing generations of tech evolution, and the nerd population that came along with it.

Never in my dreams did I think I would be a part of the 91 million “Prime” US Amazon users and I never would have forecast my shamefully selfish shopping habits. Last week I bought a car gas cap for my Jeep online… $7.00. I may have hit the very bottom of the lazy shopper pit. My buddy Nick here, bought an awesome E-bike, same story. And we like retail.

But technology is moving forward, no matter what my thoughts are about it. And because we are immersed in the convenience and benefits of the Amazon generation, most of us have not looked forward. But we should, because we are barely 1 mm into the Digital Revolution.

As an example, Amazon is a retailer…their mantra is best prices and fastest, often free, shipping. But they mostly buy, hold and sell merchandise. There are over 100 million users here in the USA. They are driving new buying habits, empowering the consumer and forcing change on brick and mortar retailers. They are also forcing change on Brands. In those good old days Brands competed for customers with product. Today it seems like Brands are competing with Brands to get their share of the ecomm pie. Maybe that's why so many previously unique Brand offerings now look homogenized and the same?

But my point is that Amazon is a mega retailer, but in India and China ecomm is a PLATFORM, a universe of all things internet, and a flat out way of life. In China alone there are 600 Million (600,000,000) daily users on Alibaba alone. This world in some manifestation will come here sooner or later…might be the one thing that keeps Jeff Bezos awake at night.

For our industry I can now see the globalization of the marketplace… imagine a product designed here in California (make that San Diego), with a prototype built here on a 3D printer, with a manufacturer who makes it just-in-time somewhere else in the world, far away, and sending that same product direct to the consumer via FedEx, let’s say in Finland….all within a week. And just to round it out, with all transactions paid in crypto currency.

Welcome to 2020…2 years hence. Can’t wait!

SDSI Welcomes New Members: SD Design Co. and WearBands
SD Design Co. Turning innovative ideas into actual products isn’t easy — a reality that many businesses have had to learn the hard way. Successful design can be difficult to replicate — and even the best, most novel design doesn’t mean a thing if it can’t be engineered or developed correctly and sourced and manufactured reliably and cost-effectively.

The process of design, development, and manufacturing often leaves businesses with poorly-executed designs, delivered late and above budget. Worst of all, learning to navigate this process on the fly leaves business owners with less time to focus on increasing revenue, deepening customer relationships, and managing day-today operations — essential to growing a successful business.

SC Design Co. navigates the complicated product design, development, and delivery process for small to medium sized businesses in San Diego’s SAL industry. We offer the following services: concept design, industrial design, mechanical, optical, composites, and electronics engineering, prototyping, and production sourcing. Visit us at

WearBands is on the verge of forever changing the way people train and stay fit. Validated by thousands of fitness and athlete customers, doctors and world renowned trainers and physiotherapists, our wearable resistance bands makes any workout or fitness activity more productive. Train smarter, not longer. Wear Your Bands! Visit us at to learn more.

Bob Rief Molding Our Future at CSUSM
SDSI’s own Bob Rief gave back to the students at CSU San Marcos by offering his wisdom to 24 students as an Executive in Residence this past semester. Jill Laing, director of student success at the College of Business Administration said, “…he also has such a wide range of experience and so many great stories that he’s able to engage the students and he makes it very personable.” We totally agree (and not just because we are paid to say that). Read the full recap at the CSUSM page.

Nominations Open for Sales & Marketing Leaders of the Year Awards
Board of Director Member TurningPoint Executive Search officially opens nominations for the 2018 Sales & Marketing Leaders of the Year Awards, to be held on October 4th at the Marriott Del Mar. Nominate your Leader today!

Bold Brew Featured at SMLA Monthly Event
Bold Brew Co-founder Jack Doheny captivated an audience of 60+ when he sat down with Sales & Marketing Leadership Alliance’s (SMLA) Ken Schmitt and discussed the story behind Bold Brew Coffee. While the topic of the discussion was Guerilla Marketing, Jack also covered the timeline of Bold Brew, where his entrepreneurial spirit came from, his lessons learned (thus far,) and what the future has in store for this young and energetic brand. Thanks to SDSI members: Turningpoint Executive Search, Bold Brew Coffee, and Marsh and McLennan for putting together a great event! For more info on upcoming SMLA events, visit their events page or learn more about the organization, visit their website.

Sun Diego Carlsbad Refreshes Surf History
As an ongoing exhibit on surf history, the Sun Diego Boardshops Carlsbad Twin Inns location now has a brand new series of historically significant surf boards from the Vissla Surf collection. Each of the boards on display helped to create a unique Californian contribution to modern day surfing. Take a look at a few featured boards online or go see them in person!

Andy Ewald's Publicist Must Be Working Overtime
SDSI Advisory Board Member and VP at CBRE, Andy Ewald, has been quoted in several media outlets this month talking about the real estate trends he sees in San Diego. Take a look at his Q&A with and read the report published by Thanks for sharing your expertise Andy!

Red Door Interactive Names Erika Werner CMO and Promotes Two Others
Congrats to Erika Werner (CMO), Dennis Gonzalez (COO) and John Faris (President, Strategic Planning) on the new promotions at Red Door Interactive. “This is an exciting time both for Red Door and our clients,” CEO and co-founder Reid Carr said in a statement. “Last year was a big year, built on our previous 15 [years], so with this move, we’re re-aligning ourselves to plan for the next level, grow in tandem with our clients and consistently provide them with the best full-service, integrated solutions that are needed for marketing today.” Read the full details on the press release.

Hookit Powers SportsPro’s Final Wrap Up of Olympic Games
SportsPro Media used Hookit’s data to recap the PyeongChang Games. Analyzing everything from athlete interaction, the top performing sponsors, and the official accounts of the countries/organizations. If your head is spinning from all the numbers/stats in the article, the graphical charts give a pretty good recap.

Bold Brew Brings Jobs to SD With Tax Credits
Bold Brew was one of 15 local companies awarded a tax credit grant through the state to bring increase employment. Overall, this program will bring in more than 600 new jobs to SD over the next 5 years. Bold Brew Co-founder Jake Soloman said, "It's Jack and I running the show, and that's why we desperately need some employees to help us out… We're starting with sales reps and we're working our way up hopefully to some more higher paying jobs as well." Watch the full clip on 10 News (Bold Brew debuts at the 1:40 mark).

Cirque-It Fitness Seeking Fitness Professionals
Cirque-It Fitness (CIF) is an innovative workout experience that brings the magic of the circus to the everyday workout venue. It is not designed to make circus artists out of clients. Rather, the CIF mission is to give clients the highest quality, most fun, exhilarating, confidence-building workouts they've ever had while enabling them to feel the magic of challenging what they think is possible for themselves. CIF is looking to select fitness professionals in the San Diego area to become coaches at their new studio location opening soon in the University City neighborhood. For more info, visit their website or the posting listed below.

TurningPoint Exec Success in Sales - According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, a successful salesperson possesses a need to conquer. This is “a particular kind of ego drive that makes them want and need to make the sale in a personal or ego way, not merely for the money to be gained.” For these salespeople, failure is not an option. In fact, it serves as a motivator when things get tough- a motivator to work harder, adapt, communicate with the prospect more, listen more effectively, etc. Read our latest blog for more insights.

Job Openings
Director of Human Resources, Software – San Diego
Inside Sales Rep, Software – San Diego
Inside Sales, Cybersecurity – San Diego
Regional Manager, Building Services – San Jose
President, Technology – San Diego
Channel Manager, Software – San Diego
Account Manager, Software – San Diego
Sr. Brand Manager, Consumer – Los Angeles

Cirque-It Fitness – Fitness Professional click for info

Digital Operative – Multiple positions available click for info

ElliptiGO – Marketing Communications Specialist click for info

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa - Multiple positions/internships available click for info

Hookit – Multiple positions/internships available click for info

J!NX – Inside Sales Acccount Manager click for info

KPMG - Multiple positions available click for info

SKLZ - Multiple positions available click for info

soccerloco - Customer Service Agent click for info

Sourcify - Business Development and Supply Chain Director

Surftech – Controller click for info

May 1 - Springboard Class 11 Panel

May 22 - Advisory Board Meeting

Jun. 12 - Springboard Class 11 Panel

Jul. 31 - Board of Directors Meeting

May 4-6 – Fiesta De Futbol – Del Mar, CA click for info

May 12 - SurfAID Cup - Seaside Reef, Solana Beach, CA click for info

May 15-18 - SIMA Surf Summit, Los Cabos, BCS, MX click for info

Jun. 28-29 - Agenda Long Beach, Long Beach, CA click for info

Jun. 28 – America’s Finest Corporate Dash, San Diego, CA click for info

Jul. 23-26 - Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Denver, CO click for info

Oct. 4 - Sales & Marketing Leaders of the Year Awards, Del Mar, CA click for info

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