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March 30, 2017    


“The times, they are changing.”  Maybe at no time ever in history has this been more true. The evolution of consumer buying patterns and the new found boundless technology found in our mobile devices has turned the world on its ear. From pizza to medicinal marijuana, it’s all there at a click and delivered in a click. But it's not just consumer buying that has been impacted, it's practically every aspect of our life. Do you use printed instructions or do you use YouTube?...gotta ‘nest’ at home?…is Siri finding what you need?…is Uber at your door?…Amazon Prime? OMG!

Change is impacting sport as well. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, nutrition, or living too close to San Onofre, but a fairly large percent of the kids in the U.S. aren’t physically elite…if you are 12 years old, male and 6’1”, you gotta shot at the NFL or maybe the NBA. If you are 12 years old, male or female and “right sized” for your age, physically elite sports are probably not in your future. Do not move from San Diego to Green Bay, no matter what your Dad thinks. And PS, your MOM absolutely hates the idea of contact sports…who wants their child to risk a head injury that could cripple for life?

Do not underestimate the real power of Moms! In my age group, driving with moderate levels of alcohol was “ok” as long as you did not have an accident or get caught by the police. As drinking escalated, more police did not counter the horrible trend...but MADD stopped the activity cold at the social level. When a majority of Moms decide something, well, I think that's what is gonna happen. NFL take note.

I realize this is a goofy lead in, but as a consequence of social trends, many of us see a great future for soccer. I am one of them and I believe the MLS/SoccerCity SD proposal as positive for the City and County of San Diego. Soccer is an aspirational GLOBAL sport for boys and girls. We have about 100 leagues and 3,000 teams in San Diego County alone. That’s arguably more to 50,000 local athletes touched by soccer each year. If San Diego is the home of healthy living I cannot think of a much better activity for our kids. Are there details? Of course. Are there good local San Diegans behind the effort? Yes. Is SoccerCity SD for profit? Yes. Is it 100% privately funded? Yes.

Good enough for me...good for the City and County…good enough for our kids…let’s make it happen!

SDSI announces Springboard Class 9 cohort sponsored by K2 Insurance Services

The seven companies participating in SDSI Springboard Class 9 sponsored by K2 Insurance Services competed amongst 18 applicants for thier opportunity to be paried with a team of mentors to help refine their business strategies to set them on a path for success. Nine applicants made it past the first round of screening to present their businesses at the Intake Panel last week and SDSI is excited to announce the seven companies participating in our Class 9 cohort. Thank you to our dedicated mentors making this class possible! Stay tuned for updates as these companies progress through the 20 week program!

Aerialates is a new fitness program that is “Taking Pilates to New Heights” by combining aerial fitness and Pilates using a unique curriculum and patented equipment.


BLDG Active is a scientifically advanced, all natural skin & wound repair for the modern athlete.


Core360 Belt is a first of its kind active training aid that helps the user properly activate their core and optimize movement.


Elite Athlete Products' innovative products, SpeedMaker and the NewGait, use patent pending design to provide resistance and assistance to key muscle group to improve physical performance and aid in physical rehabilitation.


Starfysh Wetsuits creates a new wetsuit option for female surfers using a patented S. Lock technology and interchangeable parts to make one wetsuit easily transition between cold and warm water.

Virtue Cycles designs and manufactures a variety of electric bicycles, including the Virtue Schoolbus, Virtue Ortho and Virtue Truck, focuses on consumers who incorporate cycling into their everyday lifestyle.

Vulcan Vision’s technology is creating 360 video material using mobile devices to enable athletes and coaches to improve performance and prevent injuries through visuality.

Shark Tank panel wrap up 
This week SDSI brought together a Shark Tank Panel sponsored by Voit Real Estate Services featuring three SDSI companies that have entered the tank, displayed their products in front of millions of viewers and ultimately closed a deal with the Sharks! Eric Fagan CEO of RinseKit, Angel & Steve Watts owners of Slyde Handboards, and Stephan Aarstol Founder of Tower gave us a look behind the curtain (and editing) so we can see what it was REALLY like from the initial process, the filming, the wait, the airing, and how it as affected their business. 

A few tips and insights that came from the panel:  

•    Have a story/angle to sell…Remember that it’s about entertainment and appealing to a producer first and about your business second 
•    Know your valuation
•    Do your homework and study past episodes so you are prepared to answer the Sharks’ questions
•    This is a onetime event that is very leverageable. Be prepared to make the most of it for your business
•    Have a threshold for how much of your business you are willing to give up before going on the show
•    On day of filming, be prepared to wait up to 7 hours in the prep room before you actually going in front of the sharks! (yes all three companies waited a grueling 7 hours) But once things start rolling everything happens very fast! 

Tower Paddle Boards (Season 3 aired 3/16/12, $150k by Mark Cuban) Watch Episode, Watch Beyond the Tank Episode, Watch 20/20 Special
Slyde Handboards (Season 7 aired 4/15/16, $200k by Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher) Watch Episode
RinseKit (Season 8 aired 2/3/17, $250k by Daymond John) Watch Episode

Americas Finest Corporate Dash - SD's biggest corporate run & party!
In its second-year America’s Finest Corporate Dash brings together San Diego companies on June 22 for the premier corporate sporting and social event! San Diego companies build teams for a 5k run, jog or walk and after party festivals including local craft beer garden, food trucks, music, lawn games and more! This year America’ Finest Corporate Dash is proudly benefiting CAF’s Operation Rebound. Sign your company up today at

Coast Law Group expands transactional practice with Lauren Stewart

Stewart graduated with her J.D. from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State with a certificate in Intellectual Property. Lauren’s legal experience includes assisting a global marketing technology and data aggregation company with contract administration for SaaS, software license, and reseller contracts; compiling risk metrics for pre-IPO due diligence and much more. Read more at

ElliptiGO sets equity crowdfunding record; partners with Velofix

610 investors committed $1,281,378 in ElliptiGO’s Regulation Crowdfunding offering through The offering closed in only 59 days and is one of the top 10 most successful Regulation Crowdfund offerings in history. The offering also set a new record for the highest average investment amount in a fully-subscribed Regulation Crowdfunding offering, becoming the first such offering to average more than $2,000 per investment. Read more at


With the recent introduction of the new Arc 3 and Arc 24 elliptical cycles, ElliptiGO’s partnership with velofix, North Americas largest fleet of Mobile Bike Shops, couldn’t have happened at a better time. Many of ElliptiGO’s 271 specialty retail partners are without a full time dedicated service technician. Velofix’s mobile bike shops will help to keep the 19,000 ElliptiGOs that are on the road, tuned up and in riding condition. Read more about the new Arc 3 and Arc 24 and the velofix partnership.


How to Run Away from Home: And Bring Your Family with You – a look into FunLyEvents founder’s “year off” around the world with his family
We all have thought it… “I’d love to take a year off and travel the word”. But very few have the courage to see the opportunity between the obligations. Adam Dailey, founder of FunLyEvents, is one of the rare few and he even managed to take his young family with him. His new book, How to Run Away from Home: And Bring Your Family with You tracks their 12-month journey through Latin American, Australia, Asia and Europe after a rough patch in his life. It just might be the nudge you need to step outside of the grind. Help support his recent release on Thunderclap and purchase a free kindle copy on Amazon Prime.

Slyde Handboards’ Grom Handboard on Kickstarter

The recent Shark Tank success story, Slyde Handboards is launching an extension to their bodysurfing product line with the Grom Handboard. The Grom is an easy-to-learn and travel-friendly bodysurfing board ideal for all ages and skill levels. The board is constructed with a durable foam core and soft watertight foam, so kids and adults won't get hurt on even the biggest wave. Check out their Kickstarter campaign. They must be on to something right, their campaign is more then 100% funded in just three days! Don't miss this first opportunity to get your hands on a Grom Handboard. 


Sticky Bumps resigns Griffiths and Goodale

Danny Griffiths is a big wave surfer from southeastern Tasmania. He has been nominated for multiple Big Wave Awards, including Ride of the Year and Wipeout of the Year and last year won the Surfer Awards Worst Wipeout. Dylan Goodale is a 25-year-old Kauaiian surfer with a love for travel, photography and competition. Dylan has had a Sticky Bumps signature traction pad for the past three years and it is one of Sticky Bumps most popular models. Read more at

Surftech launches new Learn2Surf soft top technology

Surftech takes their soft top surfboard line to a new level with its Learn2Surf patent pending technology. The new line for boards features textured visuals for foot placement and paddling positioning to help keep new surfers in the right location on their board, without having to look down. Read more about Surftech’s Learn2Surf technology and where they believe the soft top market is headed.

VerifiR and Core-Tex featured in SportsTechie 
SportsTechie recently featured SDSI Star Brand Award Winner, VerifiR, and SDSI Springboard Graduate, Core-Tex in their Startup Series which profiles up-and-coming technologies making an impact in sports. Read their full profiles at



Arcade Belts is at the top of the belt market

2012 SDSI Springboard Gradate Arcade Belts, has experienced major recent growth, opening more than 1,000 doors in North America over the past year alone. Their growth in North America is mirrored by their growth in Australia, Japan and soon to be Arcade Europe. Read more about their continued success at



2,000 miles on a bike with a rhino for a cause
"The Long Ride to Free Them" will see South African safari guide and conservationist Matt Meyer cycling some 2,000 miles southwards from the Canadian border north of Seattle all the way to the Mexican border south of San Diego. The aim is to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the endangered rhinoceros in Africa. However, Matt won't just be cycling, he will be doing so while pulling a life sized and life like black rhino statue in tow! The project, nicknamed "Rhino Ride", is the first of its kind and kicks off April 17 with the journey to San Diego taking about nine weeks. 100% of the proceeds will go to three organizations in Africa who support, protect and care for Rhinos with the hard costs of the project being covered by our key sponsors, Piper and Heath Travel and Wilderness Safaris. For more info on this epic adventure and to donate please visit here.

TurningPoint ExecTurning Point Tip: Sales & Marketing - A Powerful Combination! Are your sales and marketing teams getting along? We talk to companies on a daily basis, about the need to hire a new sales professional, or a new marketing expert. In almost every case, when we ask about the current relationship between the two groups, the response is “They get along ok, but we know we could do a lot better.” In today’s marketplace, with so many channels and platforms to leverage, it is imperative that your sales and marketing strategies are in alignment. And with the added complexity of inside sales and sales enablement, the stronger the partnership, the bigger the sales opportunities. Consider creating a mentorship or "buddy" system that pairs a field salesperson with a marketing coordinator, or allows a marketing manager to spend one day working alongside an account executive in the field visiting clients. This enhanced collaboration will result in a more cohesive and streamlined customer strategy.

Job Openings
Business Development Manager, FinTech – Los Angeles
Sales Executive, Medical Products – Phoenix and Seattle
BD Manager, SaaS Reporting - SoCal and Texas
Director of Marketing, Retail - San Diego
Sales Executive, Industrial Products - SoCal
Brand Manager, Innovation, Consumer Packaged Goods - San Diego
Director Marketing Content & Communications, Real Estate - San Diego
Sales Executive, Building Products - SoCal
Sr Sales Executive, Biotech/cell therapy – San Diego

Challenged Athletes Foundation - Systems Administrator click for info

Competitor Group – Multiple Positions Available click for info

Digital Operative - Multiple positions available click for info

ElliptiGO - Strategic Marketing Manager click for info

Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa - Multiple positions available click for info

J!NX - Multiple positions available click for info 

KPMG - Multiple positions available click for info

Red Door Interactive - Multiple positions available click for info

SKLZ - Multiple positions available click for info

TurningPoint Executive Search, ranked #33 on SDBJ "2016 Fast Growing Private Company", is SDSI's resident expert for hiring, retention and job search. A San Diego native with more than 16 years of recruiting experience, President and Founder, Ken Schmitt is available as a sounding board who can share industry “best practices” with SDSI members.  

Apr. 25 – SDSI Board of Directors Meeting

May. 9 – SDSI Springboard 15 Minute Presentation #2

Jun 7 - SDSI Advisory Board Meeting at SeaWorld, 10am-12pm

Jun. 20 – SDSI Springboard 15 Minute Presentation #3

Jul. 25 – SDSI Board of Directors Meeting at KPMG, 4-6pm

Aug. 1 – SDSI Springboard Quick Pitch/Elevator Pitch Presentation

Aug. 9 – SDSI General Membership Meeting: Product Development and Design

Aug. 22 – SDSI Advisory Board Meeting at KPMG, 4-6pm

Oct. 24 – SDSI Board of Directors Meeting at Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, 4-6pm

Dec. 12 – SDSI Holiday Party

Apr. 8 - VAVi Day at Petco Park click for info

May 6-7 - The Boardroom International Surfboard Show, Delmar Fairgrounds, click for info

May 13 - Del Mar Mud Run click for info

May 11-14 - Amgen Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race click for info

May 14-20 Amgen Tour of California click for info

May 20-21 - Belgian Waffle Ride, San Marcos, CA click for info

June 17 - County Fair 5k click for info

Jun. 19-23 - San Diego Startup Week click for info

Jul 25-29 - Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Salt Lake City, UT click for info 

Sep. 13-15 - SFIA Industry Leaders Summit, Chicago, IL click for info 

Sep. 20-22 - Interbike, Las Vegas, NV click for info

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