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In This Issue - Dec. 22nd, 2016: 
8 HR Policies You Need to Review Now
Why It's Important to Join a Performance Group

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Harlene Doane (copy)8 HR Policies You Need to Review Now

By Harlene Doane, DealerStrong's COO

Human resource management is getting harder and harder all the time. It used to be as simple as making sure everyone’s payroll was correct and tax liabilities were paid on time, along with some on the job training and an occasional hire and fire. Today, human resource management is akin to a Rube Goldberg. 

It seems that everywhere we look when it comes to our employees, there is a legal risk that we have to assess. With every risk that comes along, we assess the risk and we determine if we need to put policies and procedures in place to minimize the risk to our business. But where should you start? How about beginning with a review of these 8 human resource policies...Continue Reading

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Why It's Important to Join a Special Finance Performance Group!

Performance Groups allow dealers to stay connected to the Special Finance market movement. Their Special Finance Directors can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and performance indicators in the market. In an interview with industry expert Greg Goebel, he explains what it's like to be in a performance group and why it's important...Click to Download Greg Goebel's Interview!

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