April 2020

Hi Jay,

We hope this newsletter finds you safe and healthy. If anyone needed a reason for more research and development of genomic applications, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly filled that bill. 

Take a break from the panicdemic and check out what's going on with our companies!

The MG Team


Brandon has been working around the clock with scientists and engineers from around the world to come up with solutions to the testing crisis we face.

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched our diagnostic testing capacity: the number of tests available do not meet the population's needs. Testing is conventionally performed at clinical labs with pre-assembled kits, strictly bound to the manufacturer’s instructions.'s team has created a novel decentralized approach that can exponentially increase COVID-19 testing capacity. Utilizing existing equipment and highly trained personnel from non-conventional academic and research labs across the U.S, our decentralized model draws on instruments and reagents from outside the strained supply chain to set up rule-out testing for underserved populations.

For more information go to - download the whitepaper and join the slack conversation if you want to be a part of the testing solution.


UCR Lunch'n'Learns on Hold 

Due to the COVID lockdown we have had to put our Lunch'n'Learns on hold. We considered doing virtual events, but much of the benefit of these events is to build community and that is hard to do over video. We'll provide everyone with a heads up when we start the series back up. 

Recent Visits

Another casualty of the pandemic, we have had no visitors to the lab recently. We did have a meeting scheduled with Sarah Mishek of ArgoNox and were really excited about meeting her and finding out how we can help with their mission. 


Sarah's mission is not only to explore and discover, but to sustainably recreate new biochemicals found in extreme environments like the deep-sea, to be used in the fields of health, environmental remediation, nutrition and renewable resources.

"With advances in technology, we are able to push the limits of exploration further than ever before. We investigate underwater worlds like hydrothermal vents and deep-sea sediments that were once off-limits, giving us the opportunity to unearth never-before-discovered exotic marine species."

We can't wait to meet with Sarah and see how we can be a part of this exciting endeavor!

Company Updates


EpigeneticsRx has joined Cammies & Canines and NeuroGen to launch an innovative research study to help veterans who are struggling with post-traumatic stress by implementing a program that personalizes a nutritional-based treatment protocol directed by a medical-grade genetic test. Get more details here.


Tx Genetic Research is continuing their research on nutrition and building mucosa tissue. Fortunately, they still have access to their workshop in the Murrieta Innovation Center, as they are in a different location from common areas and have no contact with others. This is extremely important to Helen and Bob, and you can understand why by reading Helen's journey.


SimplSeq is about to come out of stealth mode. The company is adding to its IP portfolio and once that is completed will have the freedom to tell the public more about what it is we are up to. Plan on seeing a new logo and website when you get your next newsletter!



PBS began airing a Ken Burns documentary on the gene April 7th. THE GENE weaves together science, history & personal stories for a historical biography of the human genome, while also exploring breakthroughs for diagnosis & treatment of genetic diseases & the complex ethical questions they raise. Check your local listings!

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