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Content Marketing
& Messaging Expertise

1-on-1 Personalized
Training Sessions!



Business Owners, Independent Sales
Small Business Marketing & Sales Staff,
Corporate Marketing Teams & more.


Using Effective Business Content
"Information &  Experiences"

is KEY to mktg. success in 2023.


nformation & experiences that your 
readers /end-users will derive value from.
It is effectively placed & presented within
your mktg. communications to attract,
connect, engage and convert your prospects
into buyers of your products & services.

So, the question is ....


  • Can you create messaging and postings that actually "connect" you to your buyers without being sales like?
  • Do you know how to control your online messaging and postings?  Know where, how & when to place it, to reach your demographics?
  • Do you know how to come up with an unlimited amount of conversation about your business that will attract, connect, engage and convert readers?
  • Have you stopped using useless filler content such as quotes and photos that don't really relate to what you offer?
  • Are you leading your buyers to you with "them" asking you "how do I buy your services?
  • Finally do you feel that your time online is productive and achieving results?

If your answer is NO to most or
all of the above, 
you are a match for our training!


Today's Way has developed a unique training
that will walk you through your business,
its benefits and its demographics.

Each training is specific to your business
with hand-holding guidance & instruction.

Each training is designed to enable you to
create quality content and
implement successful content marketing.

and ...

Each Training Includes 4 Elements


Working with a sampling of the individual item(s)
you offer and laying out the following for each:

(knowing ALL details of each item)

(specific demographics, per item)

(the "so what" per item - buyer's WHY)

(why you over the competition, per item)


Working with the  input from #1, you will
 create postings, messaging & communications
 via information that is appropriate for
each layer of the buying process.

  • Identify & create types of content that will attract potential future buyers to you.
  • Identify specific "words" that prospects will respond to, i.e. be attracted to. 
  • Know how to stay transparently in front of potential buyers so when need strikes you are in people's minds & approached..
  • Know your specific hooks & how to use them
    to make initial connections, nothing more nor less
  • Identify specific "words" that prospects will respond to,in the "connect" stage. 
  • Exploring need/solution "matches."
  • Together we make lots of content that will connect you to your buyers.  It's a fun session and gives you lots of new perspective.
  • Providing prospects who have active "wants" with what they need to know in order to buy. Often this is additional information to an initial post and/or message and is referred to as a "go to."
  • Identify your "go to" resources which are often: webpages, video, audio, images, articles, blog posts, etc. AND identify the type of information they must contain to be effective.
  • Identify specific "words" that prospects will respond to in the "engage" stage. 
  • Lots of practice is included for making "engaging" content. "You'll also know if you need to create / find some new online resources that you don't already have!
  • Learn how to lead your prospects to you! Make it be a natural next step for them to choose you.
  • How to share your  purchase process so it can be used by your readers and listeners.
  • Creating content for this stage of the buying process is crucial to master and both time and guidance is provided to you in the training.



How to connect to your reader's  mindset.
  • How to position words & structure your online postings, messaging and information.
  • How to choose the first 3 -5 words of your online postings, messaging & information.
  • How to talk  "with" your readers, not "at" or "to."
  • How to tell a story via your content.
  • How to be aware of your overall audience and be able to speak to them individually, while at the same time communicating to many.



Where to post, why you are posting there and who you should be speaking to.
  • Which networks should you be posting on?
  • Who is in your audience(s)?
  • Should you post on several networks?
  • Should pieces of the buying process be on
    several different sites

  • What are the resources you need to include?




  • Full control of what you are doing with your online posting & messaging ..... consisting of all carefully and strategically created content.
  • An unlimited supply of ideas for what to say in online content that are all related to your business. Plus some pre-made posts & messages that are ready to go.
  • Online content  that connects to prospects and buyers.
  • Content that leads "ready to buy" buyers to you.
  • Your time spent online being productive and profitable.


Trainings are offered as 1-on-1
online "live" workshop trainings.

  For Group Workshops
On-Site & Online
Call for customized cost quote.

1-On-1 Workshop Trainings
Scheduled weekly and/or per schedules. 
Average of, but not limited to, 10 sessions. 

​​​​​​Let's have a complimentary 
conversation to answer 
any questions!
Purchase Now & Get Started!

In One Payment


In Two Monthly Payments

$500 ea


Additional options are also available .
Contact me to discuss. 

* * * * ** *
All workshops are given by myself,
margie hanson

Owner of  Communicating, Today's Way, Inc.

What People Say ....
"Margie is a virtual on-line communications expert and is a skilled consulting professional in guiding clients on how to use Social Media to leverage their business. If you want to take your business to next level using Business Social Media venues, contact Margie."
**Robert Jacobs - Alternative Business Financing Solutions, When The Bank Has to Say No
"I can guarantee that you’ll definitely get a lot out of this On-Line Posting Seminar.  I worked with Margie on this very thing and she helped me to be more comfortable posting on Facebook.  This is a must if you’re in business, helping you to really look at your target market and connect with them in a winning way!
Regine V. -  Angel Walkabouts & Holistic Healer
"When I started going national with The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, I knew I needed help developing a social media network and strategy. I called Margie and she has been amazing ever since. Her familiarity with the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook have been especially helpful. On top of that, she is an engaging and informative speaker. Her presentations at our chapter meetings are always popular. Thanks, Margie, for making such a big difference in building this organization!"
Camille Lyon.  Founder, The Holistic Chambet of Commerce
"Margie is so knowledgeable about Communications in the technology world that it is amazing. She is a jewel when it comes to directing folks as to what may be good for their business means of communicating and how to utilize the methods best. Margie continues to stay abreast of the constant changes that we may overlook and she makes sure you Keep Your Communicating Garden Growing to attract and keep clients."
Suzanne Isabelle Simmons, President at Purr-Fect Growlings
"Thanks so much for giving us a comprehensive way to always have good content to post on social media without running out of ideas.  I got the flow of it and could easily ‘translate’ your examples to my business. Most helpful was your description of how to list what we do/sell in 4 columns (tables on the computer) – and then write out Who’s interested, Why they're interested, and So What (what it does for them). This helped me to easily see how I can accomplish these steps quickly and effectively."
Marcie Green - Sea-Green Financial Services


CALL:  310-306-1453 


We make it easy!

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This email was sent by Margie at Today's Way at Playa del Rey, CA 90293.


Powered by GreenRope, an all-encompassing & affordable, automation solution that replaces all other sales & marketing software
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This email was sent by Margie at Today's Way at Playa del Rey, CA 90293.

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