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Ever heard the saying, “Time is money?” Imagine how many precious hours each employee wastes every day and week.

Often, wasted hours don’t come from the obvious “slacking off.” It usually comes as productive procrastination – activities that feel productive but don’t move the needle.

A study estimated that unnecessary meetings are costing businesses $37 billion annually. For perspective, that cost could be worth 300,000 hours of work time every year. Furthermore, employees spend well over 60 hours monthly in unproductive meetings.

To maximize your team productivity, we recommend “The 10-Minute No Agenda-No Attenda Huddle Meetings.” 



Business Health Matters (BHM) is an executive business consulting and coaching firm that helps leaders check the pulse of their business health and provide solutions to the inefficiency that there may be, and offer prescriptive solutions to improve. Businesses are like people. Both internal and external factors affect our health. When we feel ill, we get a diagnosis and treatment plan from a medical professional. A business should do the same. 



Business Health Assessments


The outlook of today’s business does not look good as the mortality rate of new businesses failures is 20% within the first year, and 50% fail within five years. Not good news for business owners.


The Business Eagle’s Eye


Eagles are also known for their sharp vision, ability to soar high above the clouds, and determination to reach their goals. These are all qualities that are also important for businesspeople.





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