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"The Business Health Assessment by Business Health Matters uncovered several blind spots when you are too deeply involved in your business. I like that it was quick and easy to use, with little time investment. My biggest takeaway after the assessment is that I can make good use of more KPIs beyond just leads, sales, and profits." - Morris Grand



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The Business Eagle’s Eye: 7 Tips on How to Spot Opportunities from a Distance

Eagles are also known for their sharp vision, ability to soar high above the clouds, and determination to reach their goals. These are all qualities that are also important for businesspeople.


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Take your coaching to the next level and leave disorganization behind! At Our Coaches Corner we introduce you to our professional experts that help to improve your working efficiency, time management and accountability.




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How fit is Your Business in 2023?

Many of us are concerned about our metabolic health and for good reason. A lot of us make an earnest effort to eat wholesome foods, get enough rest and exercise frequently. We start to feel off our game if we don’t. When we are ill, we go to the doctor, and we follow the medical advice the doctor offers us to improve our health.

A business should do the same. Owners must evaluate the health of their company to maintain its financial and operational stability.

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Business Health Assessments: The Key to a Healthy and Growing Business

The outlook of today’s business does not look good as the mortality rate of new businesses failures is 20% within the first year, and 50% fail within five years. Not good news for business owners.

However, there is some very good news.





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