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Ocean Plastic Solutions Survey

The pervasive threat of plastic and other trash to the ocean requires a range of solutions. At OpenOceans Global we are looking to gather the best solutions so we can share them with a broad range of experrts and leaders working on the crisis. If you have a solution, please share it by filling out the survey below.

Which of the following categories best describes the solution you are sharing? 
Beach Cleanup Strategies
Coastal Water Cleanup Techniques
Deep Ocean Cleanup Techniques
River Intervention Techniques
Local Litter Rules
Public Education
Funding Sources
Other (describe in notes later in the survey.
Name of solution.
Please describe the solution and any background you think is important. Please limit text to 200 words or 1,000 characters not including spaces.
Please provide a link to an image that will illustrate your ocean plastic solution.
Please provide a link that will provide more information about the solution.
Organization responsible for the solution.
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