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Following our success on 2022 GAAPP Academy and taking into your account your feedback, in 2023 we want to bring again very practical and down to earth topics to help you maintain and grow your organization. This year we will be bringing live translation in at least 2 languages and following your feedback we will conduct our webinars during the afternoon/evening time slot (Central European Time) so its more convenient for everyone in all the world region.

Please rank from 1 to 8 for the topics you would like us to produce an academy webinar with the help of a Key Opinion Leader or Expert in that field. You can also suggest new topics.
Please assign a ranking to each of the options below, from 1 (best) to 8 (worst):
Clinical Trials
Project Documentation and Reporting
Financial Management for NGOs
Digital Tools and Resources
Working with Industry Partners
Volunteer Management
Using Social Media Effectively
GAAPP Funding Opportunities
Would you like to suggest other topics? 

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