Maximo Online Workshop Survey

Ontracks provides online, computer-based, and on-site training solutions. Our experienced instructors have delivered hundreds of EAM, Asset Management and IBM Maximo training courses in the US, Canada and overseas. 

As we expand our online curriculum, we'd love to know which Maximo topics you would like to learn more about.

We are gearing up for our Fall course schedule, and would love to know which classes you'd be interested in taking!
Check all that apply
Introduction to Inventory
Introduction to Work Management
Introduction to Procurement
Maximo Fundamentals 7.6.1
The Lifecycle of Rotating Assets
Preventative Maintenance Work Management
Reports and Queries 101
Introduction to Automation Scripts
Introduction to Maximo Scheduler
Introduction to Maximo Anywhere
Introduction to IBM Maximo
Maximo System Administration Overview
Introduction to Workflow Management
Overview of Maximo Oil and Gas Industry Solution

We are looking to offer longer, technical classes online.

For in-depth classes, how would you like the material to be presented

6 hours a day, for two days
3 hours a day for four days
What other online courses would you like to see Ontracks offer?