While many people have been sharing on social media what's going on in their lives, we wanted to use a more centralized way to get an idea of how the Workamper community is being affected.

Survey question activated 3/27/20.

Please select the description that most closely matches what's going on with you/your family as of today:
I canceled on my summer season position.
My Employer canceled my summer season job.
My Employer has postponed my summer job for now. They have asked me to arrive later than planned.
My Employer has postponed my summer job for now, but is allowing me to still arrive on the originally determined date.
Nothing has changed about my summer job. It's still on as originally set and I plan to go.
I was let go from my current Workamping job that was supposed to last through the summer or longer.
I wasn't planning to work this summer, and nothing has changed about my RV travel plans.
I wasn't planning to work this summer, but I have postponed or canceled my RV travel plans.
I work remotely/from my RV, so my work-life hasn't changed too much.
None of these apply.

Responses are being compiled by Workamper News to be shared with our audience via our website, email, and social media. There is also a similar survey question out to Workamper Employers.

We'll post and update the results on this page of our website.

No personal information is required or being collected with this survey.