While many people have been sharing on social media what's going on with their businesses during this crisis, we wanted to use a more centralized way to get an idea of how the Workamper Employer community is being affected.

Note: With any of the options below that indicate you are open or will be opening, it is assumed that you have altered your standard operating procedures and/or revised the services/activities that you normally offer based on recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC, federal and state gov't, etc. to best protect you, your staff, and your customers.

Survey question activated 3/27/20.

Which option below most closely describes your operation and Workamper program at this time?
We are still open or plan to open as usual.
We have postponed our opening date, and we have told our Workamper(s) to wait to come.
We have postponed our opening date, but our Workamper(s) are already here or we are allowing them to arrive at the originally agreed-upon date.
We have decided to close our operation or not open our operation. We had to tell our Workamper(s) to leave or not to come.
We have decided to close our operation or not open our operation, but we are allowing our Workampers to stay for now.
We were already open when the pandemic escalated, but we have had to let some of our Workampers go.
We offer an opportunity outside of the normal summer/winter Workamping seasons. Currently we are unaffected.
None of these apply.

Responses are being compiled by Workamper News to be shared with our audience via our website, email, and social media. There is also a similar survey question out to Workampers.

We'll post and update the results on this page of our website.

No personal information is required or being collected with this survey.