2022 Workamper Dreamer Survey

Please complete this survey to help us compile a statistical picture of those who will be joining the Workamping community in the future.

Please only submit this survey if you have not started Workamping yet. If you are an active/experienced Workamper and ended up here by accident, please go to our main survey here.

It will likely take only about 2 minutes to complete the survey. If there are more than one adult in your household, you are all welcome to submit the survey individually or submit it one time for your household.

The results of the survey are made available to Workampers and Employers at Workamper.com and in printed media created by Workamper News.

Your participation is not mandatory to be a Workamper News member, and your submission is anonymous.
Please submit no later than April 15, 2022.

How far out are you from beginning your Workamping adventure?
Less than one year
1-2 years
3-5 years
5+ years
Not sure
What is your age group? (Average age group of adults in RV household)
How would you describe your future RV household?
Two adults (couple, friends, siblings, etc)
A family with mostly working-age child/children
A family with mostly non-working-age child/children
What type of RV do you have?
Travel Trailer
Fifth Wheel
Class A Motorhome
Class C Motorhome (includes super C)
Class B Motorhome (van)
Truck Camper
Converted Bus or School Bus
Pop Up Travel Trailer
Do not have an RV yet
Do you plan to be a part-time (keep a home base) or full-time (no home base) RVer?
What type of compensation will you be seeking for a Workamper job?
Exchange for RV site & other non-monetary perks
Exchange for RV site & perks, with some extra hours for wages
Hourly wage for all hours worked plus RV site & perks
Hourly wage for all hours worked but I pay for my RV site
Salary, RV site, and other career-like benefits (paid time off, 401k, insurance, etc)
Housing provided (not an RV site) plus wages & perks
None of these apply
What length of time would you prefer a Workamping job to be?
One month
2-3 months
4-5 months
6-7 months
Are you a member of Workamper News (Workamper.com)?
Not yet