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  • "We had piled up 500+ cylinders on our site over the years. Cylinder Recyclers came on site, loaded them up & shipped them out to their facility for recycling. These guys work fast, handle everything A to Z, & pricing is reasonable."- Facility Manager, Major CGA Gas Company 

    "I've been using Cylinder Recyclers for a few years now. We get propane, refrigerants, oxygen, you name it. When I need a pick up, I give them a call. They send over the shipping paperwork & the truck is here the next day to pick up. Makes my life a lot easier as an EHS Manager. Definitely recommend using them!" - EHS Manager, Scrap Metal Company 

    Disclaimer: Cylinder Recyclers is not legally permitted to work with residences. Please contact your state or county officials for Household Hazardous Waste programs.

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