Help Us to Offer You an I Matter Framework Training Journey That is REALLY helpful!

The I Matter Framework is the result of drawing together years of research evidence and clinical and teaching experience into a practical accessible approach. 
As many professionals and parents in varied situations have now completed the course, we are starting to be able to customise the I Matter training journey to suit varied needs.
The following questionnaire is designed to help us better understand what you are looking for so we can provide the information you need and advise you on your best next steps,  Your ideas also help us to develop future resources if  we don't yet have exactly what you want. 
Your questions and ideas therefore really matter as we want to work with you to help you make an impact and see positive results.
Please note in submitting your thoughts and ideas please remember to avoid disclosing information that identifies individuals.   Completion of this request for guidance requires acceptance of the our Terms and Conditions, including our privacy policy
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  • About You

  • In I Matter Training we always ask you to bring to mind a focus child/children thogh we do not ask you to provide identifying details.  If you are just enquiring, please put NA

  • Our training focusses on building your insight, skills and confidence.  Please give us an indication of the types of challenges you are concerned about

  • I Matter is best studied through a combination of online learning and study support . All partcipants must have a named approved Professional or a named referee. All users of our forum must use an agreed username not their own name.

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