Apply to Be a Trainee Lead Professional or Deputy Trainee Lead Professional
A Trainee Lead Professional or Deputy Trainee Lead professional is someone who wants to support colleagues and parents in their own setting with accessing I Matter Online Learning providing local support. Typically a Lead Professional will have more advanced professional experience and qualifications than a Deputy Lead.    All applicants must have completed the Foundation A and B as a minimum.   
Trainee Lead Professionals must have senior leadership support and must work under the supervision of a Advanced Community Lead Practictioner and with a clear Action Research Plan
Becoming a Trainee Lead Professional can be a powerful CPD training experience for staff.  Investment in Lead Professional training can also be a way for a school or community to provide more extended staff development and parent psycho-education in a cost effective fashion.
The Trainee Lead Professional role is progressed over  a mnimum of 1 year.  During this time you are encouraged to provide study support through at least 2 groups and to at least 6 famlies.
Colleagues and Parents you work with will all be asked to complete the feedback questionnaires about the support you have offered. 
To become an Approved Lead Professional you must complete the Intermediate A  and submit a brief reflective account of your work with a minimum of 2 groups (min 6 adults) involved in your ARP via your log book including evidence of learning and positive change.
Lead Professionals may not charge for study support whilst in a Trainee Role unless by specific agreement with the I Matter Project. Services should be delivered as part of an employed role, or the professional must be formally registered as a freelancer with appropriate insurance and paperwork in place.
Names of Trainee Lead Professionals appear on the website register. The role is one of offering practical support and informal conversations.

On submission of this initial application you will be sent an email with the following documents attached:
* Application form

* Action Research Proforma

Please discuss these with your senior leadership team and Commuity Lead Professional.   Once your application is accepted, we will send you a link to the Lead Professional Membership site and forum

  • You will join the following group(s):

    Lead Professional Trainees
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