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Is Your
LinkedIn Profile
 "Working" For You?


WHY Do You Need A
"Working" LinkedIn Profile Page?
  •  LinkedIn plays a major role in online marketing success.
    The forecast for 2016 is that LinkedIn will only grow larger!

  • Your profile page is the HUB of all your LinkedIn activity. All "roads" on LinkedIn lead to one's profile page.
  •  Quality & "working" connections begin on your profile page.
  • You can stand out from competitors via your profile page.
  • Profile pages are indexed on search engines. You will be found via an abundance of keywords via online search results and/or via LinkedIn searches. 
  • Even if you are not active on LinkedIn, others will be looking for your services on LinkedIn. Enable them to find you!

In this training you will learn
how to prepare your LinkedIn Profile page
so that it will .

Instantly Tell Visitors How You Can Help Them
Generate Conversation & Connections
Reflect & Build Credibiity and Trust.
Attract Those Happy To Be Your Advocate.

Specifics That You Will Learn include ...

  • Understainding all the sections of the Linkedin Profile page
  • How to write a winning headline on your profile page.
  • How to write your summary with clarity &  connectivity.
  • How to present past experience so it supports you today.
  • How to make endorsements work for you.
  • How to ask for recommendations and where to place them.
  • Know why listing your interests can help you.
  • Understand why showing your groups leads to connections.
  • Know the value of listing the company pages you follow.

and more .....

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Page
"Work" For You!

Two $150.00 Payment Option

Questions?   Contact Me!
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CALL:  310-306-1453 


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