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July 2, 2012
Sea Orbiter for Web  150pxSeaOrbiter to Roam the Seas. This 170 foot tall ocean research vessel will cost $52.7 million with construction scheduled to begin later this year.  SeaOrbiter will drift with ocean currents, collecting data on global warming and marine biology.  The research craft is a creation of French architect Jacques Rougerie. 

Zdenka WillisInterview with IOOS Director. This month's National Ocean Service newsletter features an interview with Zdenka Willis, the director of the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®) Program.  She leads the implementation of a coordinated network of people and technology working to generate and disseminate continuous data on our coastal waters, Great Lakes, and oceans.
Sea Level Rise Report 100 px
West Coast sea level rise report.  A new report by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that sea level rise on the West Coast will be less than global averages north of Cape Mendocino and comparable to global averages south of that point. 

Equator Awards 100px
Equator Prize.  People around the world are doing what needs to be done to   restore fisheries, improve water quality, reduce pollution and much more.  The United Nations Development Program's Equator Prize honored those people on June 20. 
Tsunami Debris Field #2 100px
Tsunami debris.  Two good sources of information about marine debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami  in 2011 are NOAA and the International Pacific Research Center.

Nat Geo La Mer Photo ContextNational Geo Photo Contest.  The deadline for the La Mer and National Geographic photo contest is July 31.  Prizes include a National Geographic Expeditions trip of a lifetime on the beautiful seas of North America's Pacific Northwest and a chance to win thousands of dollars in ocean-inspired products.

What's New at 

New web cam links have been added to the site, including Sea World's Shamu and penguin cams, the Virginia Aquarium's sea turtle and sand tiger shark cams, and Audubon's osprey and puffin cams (in the wild).  We've also added a number of new aquariums to an international list that is approaching 100.


Please don't miss the current educational feature, a front page link to the shark tagging studies by the Guy Harvey Research Institute.

Our Founding Partners

We are grateful that we have three world-class founding partners to help us move forward.  

                    NOAA logo 100pxAquarium of the Pacific 100px
                    MIT USGS Music logo 200px
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an international leader in data and marine education organization, the Aquarium of the Pacific is recognized globally as an exemplary non-profit education organization, and the MIT/USGS Science Impact Collaborative is an esteemed joint-fact-finding/conflict resolution center.  Research, education, and bringing people and organization's together are the most important items on OpenOceans Global's agenda, and we appreciating having these three world-class partners. 
Thank you!

About OpenOceans Global

OOG 75 px You are receiving this E-Newsletter because you are a friend, an associate or someone in our circle who we believe would be interested in OpenOceans Global's goal of aggregating and creatively presenting the world's ocean data online using advanced visualization technologies.  However, before we can accomplish that heady goal, we intend to create a cross-sector community of people and organizations who understand that we can't save the ocean or use it safely if we don't understand its processes.  Those processes include the ocean's interaction with the atmosphere, climate change, watersheds, and the water cycle. 
We believe that the need to understand the ocean is something we all have in common, no matter what our interests.
Our web portal has been constructed to provide value across ocean sectors by linking to accurate information about the ocean. The web site is the next step in the process to accomplish OpenOceans Global’s objectives.  Please check back at regularly!

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OpenOceans Global Presents at U.N. Rio+20 Sustainability Meeting

Carl speaking at Rio 20

On Saturday, February 16, 2012, OpenOceans Global presented at the United Nations Conference on Sustanainable Development (Rio 20) as part of Ocean Day.  Ocean Day was coordinated by the Global Ocean Forum and featured 375 participants from 169 organizations and 46 countries. Founder Carl Nettleton's presentation described some of the people who unknowingly contributed ideas that made OpenOceans Global possible.  He emphasized that it takes all of us to learn how to coexist sustainably with the ocean, not just the leaders. 

“The stories I’ve told here tonight are mostly about regular people who made contributions, not ocean heroes - a policy leader, an academic, a volunteer, a technology manager, and a banker," he said.  

"We have to have a way to not just tell the ocean story … but to listen to each other … as we listened to them."

"The work of ocean leaders like all of you are critical to our understanding of the ocean and the decisions that will be made to manage the ocean.  But your work has to be joined by the many stories and ideas of the people who work every day on or with the ocean, who relish their toes wiggling in the sand of its beaches, who struggle to survive casting a fan net from another beach, to someone sweating in the summer sun on an oil rig.” 

OpenOceans Global thanks Dr. Biliana Cicin-Sain and the Global Ocean Forum for the invitation to  Ocean Day.  This is the declaration prepared by the Global Ocean Forum for submission to the United Nations team drafting ocean language.

Many observers felt the document finalized at the conference fell short of expectations.  Titled "The Future We Want," the document represents the official outcome of Rio+20.  One strength of the document is that oceans are recognized as more important than in the past.  

More information about the Rio+20 conference and Ocean Day are available online. A web site with the commitments made at the conference is available at Cloud of Commitments.

For additional perspective from Carl Nettleton, see "A View from Rio+20: Contrast and Consensus on a Global Scale."


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