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June 2015 Issue
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drop of water earth

It is important to understand just how fragile life is on planet Earth.  

We cease to exist when there is no H2O. 



Where Does Water Come From?

This may seem like a ridiculous question.  But recently a national mortgage underwriting team voiced concerns over a Texas property’s rainwater harvesting system, serving as the only source of water, potentially running out of water.

When documentation was provided, i.e., potable water being trucked in from local municipality water sources to fill or top off the cistern (traditional ground water wells cannot be filled), much like a swimming pool, they inquired,


“what happens if the municipality runs out of water and there are no water sources available to fill the cistern tank?”

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                                          Energy and Your Home


Kudos to RESNET http://www.resnet.us for managing to take a complex analytic system - linking building science measures to actual building performance, in less than 2 minutes!


The 1 minute 45 second RESNET HERS Index Consumer Video helps educate consumers and others about why they should be utilizing HERS-rated homes when making decisions concerning buying or building a new house or retrofitting an existing home.



See Video

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The video posted here

offers a great overview that

most people can understand.


 GEM Market Updates


Fed minutes show policymakers    lean toward a rate rise after June

New York Times,Binyamin Appelbaum @bcappelbaum

WASHINGTON — Economic weakness in the early months of the year has persuaded most Federal Reserve officials that June is probably too soon to start raising the Fed’s benchmark interest rate.

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 Money and Spending


Don't assume you know your monthly spending and income

New York Times,Binyamin Appelbaum @bcappelbaum

Most people have a pretty good idea how much money they make each month, and at least a rough idea of how much they spend.

A new study suggests they are probably wrong on both counts. And the source of this insight is as interesting as the findings.

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  Green Tip of the Month

rainwater harvesting

Harvesting Rainwater

to Irrigate Lawns and Gardens

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average 

household uses over 320 gallons of water a day. See statistics


In the summer months, as much as 40 percent of water use can be allocated for outdoor use. **Collecting your own rainwater can not only reduce your water or utility bill dramatically, but it also conserves our reservoirs. 

Barrels can be purchased relatively cheaply.  The rain barrels should be placed on downspouts in order to use for irrigation.  Rain cisterns come in all shapes and sizes ranging from larger underground systems to smaller, freestanding ones. Some even glow!

**(check your state and municipality regulations, not allowed in some states like Colorado)

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 In our June Issue     Water  |  Energy  |  Market Updates  |  Money   |  Contact Us
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