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Conservatives and a few of the nation’s largest utilities companies are gathering momentum to roll back Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in several states. 

Their efforts stem from concern over net-energy payments made to utility customers who produce excess renewable (solar) energy.

See current updated report and map on all states current Renewable Portfolio Standards and other specific state updates in the Midwest and California; and how new policies in your state will impact green building and renewable energy.


Claims that these payments, given mass adaption of solar, could potentially “bankrupt” utilities are mostly unfounded. Especially given adaption and technology advancement in the electric vehicle transportation sector.  See  What’s So Smart About the Smart Grid?

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Solar Federal Tax Credits-Will They Be Extended Beyond 2016?

tax creditFew Americans have enjoyed the 30 percent Federal tax credit associated with purchasing a solar system over the past decade; mostly early adaptors and innovative builders implemented renewable solar power until recently. 

Sadly, as more homeowners are poised to adapt and make the shift toward renewable solar generation, due to technological advancement (improved technology) and dramatically lower price points (over 50 percent reduction),the 30 percent federal tax credit is set to expire the end of 2016.

The solar industry is expects a boom in 2016 due to the potential federal tax credit program expiring.

Whats the value of the tax credit?


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Click here For more information on Solar Tax Credit Impacts

Also see GEM’s Blog on Lease or Own Solar Panels


YEP It’s Still Happening - Water Is The 21st Century Gold

We continue to witness water scarcity, pollution and antiquated regulatory policies regarding water solutions (especially rainwater harvesting as the sole souce of water). 

Over one-third of humanity has Snap 2015-12-10 at 11inadequate water resources and scientists report that this trend is expected to increase as much as two-thirds by 2050. 

Still, many lending institutions are requiring owners to install a well if they are planning to implement a rainwater harvesting system. 

This lending guideline needs to be updated as installation of both a well and a rainwater harvesting is cost prohibitive for most owners, and not necessary.

These systems have proven scientifically and economically to be reliable, safer, more resilient and healthier than drilling a well; rainwater is healthier than most city water too!

Fannie Mae does allow these systems standalone, with proof of potable water delivery service and at least one comparable sale with rainwater, sole source. 

This last comparable requirement can squelch some owner’s plans if they are the only home in the area with rainwater.  However, many regions like the Hill Country around Austin, TX, are experiencing higher demand due to many owners opting in to include rainwater instead of drilling a well. Read More   

closing on a home could take longer



By 2018, green construction will directly contribute 1.1 million jobs. Of that, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) will be responsible for directly contributing 386,000 jobs.

THE REPORT The report quantifies the economic impact of green building and LEED construction.

Impacts are measured in gross domestic product (GDP), jobs, labor earnings, individual states’ tax contributions and environmental asset indicators at both the national and state levels.


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